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Don’t Call It a Blog

So, I’m going to succumb to the temptation and start a blog.  I never liked the term blog; it always seemed faddish and faux hip to me.  Plus, everybody calls everything a blog.  I once saw a blog defined as follows:

“A web site of personal or non-commercial origin that uses a dated log format that is updated on a daily or very frequent basis with new information about a particular subject or range of subjects. The information can be written by the site owner, gleaned from other Web sites or other sources, or contributed by users.”  []

Frankly, I feel that definition is far too broad to be useful; by those standards, is a blog.

So, call it whatever you want.  I’ve got some shit to get off of my chest.  However, I suspect calling it the “gettin’-shit-offa-my-chest” section of the site might be off-putting.

In any case, stay tuned my captivating* commentary!

(*No guarantee of actual captivation.)

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