Dennis Miller, What Gives?

Can someone please tell me what the fuck happened to Dennis Miller?  Honestly, I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but when it comes to loyalty, this guy makes Jim Jeffords look like Samwise Gamgee.

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist the urge to use Miller-speak there.  If you got that, give yourself 15 MonkeyPoints.)

Circa 9/11, Dennis Miller became a Republican.  Big time.  Somehow, the terrorist attacks made him hawkish not just on issues like terrorism and Iraq, but also on a whole slew of domestic issues, from animal rights to capital punishment.

The reason Dennis Miller is on my mind is because he has decided to use the same line of homophobic tactics that Drudge recently used to attack Kerry and Edwards.  While warming up the crowd for his new buddy Dubya, Dennis remarked that the pair “cannot keep their hands off each other, can they?”  He went on to suggest that they ought to “get a room.”[1] See my earlier post, “Matt Drudge Appeals to Homophobes,” for more coverage of this particular brand of garbage.

After reading that, I got all fired up and sat down to write up a piece about Miller’s defection to the GOP.  After doing a little research, I found that several good articles have already been written on this topic.  So, rather than duplicate those efforts, I’ll just give you some links:

And just in case you don’t remember how critical of Dubya he used to be, check out this rant from January 2001.

UPDATE (7/24/2004): This is starting to get weird. Buzzflash just selected Dennis Miller as the GOP Hypocrite of the Week.   Somebody over there is clearly reading my MonkeyBlog.

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