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More Hybrid FUD: Blame the Driver

I recently pointed out how much FUD is going around about hybrid cars.  As a hybrid owner, this is an issue near and dear to my heart.  The latest tactic in the war on hybrids appears to be “smear the driver.”

This stupid article I just found claims that hybrid drivers are so miserly that they intentionally drive “slowly” in the fast lane to conserve fuel.

“These idiot hybrids are clogging up the car-pool lane,” huffed Bob De Marco of Gilroy, Calif., blaming drivers for cruising in the fast lane at less than 65 mph when others want to zoom along at 75-plus.

The speed at which hybrids cruise “is infuriating,” said Andy Francke of Morgan Hill, Calif.

Fuck you, Andy.  This is bullshit.  Driving a hybrid has not made me drastically alter my driving style.  Sure, driving slower might improve fuel economy, but isn’t that true of most cars?  The article claims that the trip-o-meter in the hybrids encourages this hyper-focus by reporting instantaneous  gas mileage.  My old VW Passat had a similar kind of display.  I can’t say it ever made me adjust my speed.

But it gets even better.  Some dope named Jim Thomas of the National Motorists Association had this to say:

Many motorists perceive drivers of hybrids as arrogant, trendy, greener-than-thou types who tend to flout their environmental consciousness as they proudly display the stickers on their cars

He also said that it’s “not surprising that the hybrid drivers are generating animosity” with their alleged slow-poke ways.

So remember everyone: Hybrids are bad.  People who buy hybrids are arrogant pricks.  You don’t need to feel guilty for driving a gas guzzler; to do otherwise would instantly make you into an asshole.

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Protecting Our Troops From Liberals

Just a quickie this morning . . .

Apparently, the Marine Corps does not allow marines to access certain websites.  I know, you’re thinking we’re talking about porn.  But it turns out that there is some selective filtering of sites going on that is a bit disconcerting. 

For example, why is it okay to access, but not  Surely it’s just an honest mistake that allows marines to visit, but not  Heaven forbid that they look at, but is fine.

After seeing this, it’s not hard to understand why almost 90% of U.S. troops in Iraq think the war is retaliation for Saddam’s (non-existent) role in the 9/11 attacks.

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Highlander Hybrid Makes CR’s Top Picks

Each year, Consumer Reports puts together a list of “top picks” from among the vehicles currently on the market.  I’m proud to say that my new car, the 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid, was selected as the top vehicle in its class.

The Highlander Hybrid is in the “Mid-sized SUV/SUV more than $30,000” category.  According to CNN’s story about the CR top picks:

The Highlander Hybrid has quick acceleration, a comfortable ride and a third-row seat. The Highlander Hybrid and the closely-related Lexus RX400h were the only SUVs to earn an overall “Excellent” score in Consumer Reports’ testing. The magazine recommended the Honda Pilot as another good choice with a better third-row seat.

It’s interesting to note that Japanese manufacturers took all ten spots in CR’s list this year.  Honda was the big winner with five.  Toyota and Subaru had two each, and Nissan had one. 

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