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A Word About Schadenfreude

I don’t have time to post much atm, but I wanted to highlight this rather insightful message I came across today related to the Republican party and the downward spiral in which they appear to be sinking.

Over at Daily Kos, front page contributor DarkSyde said something that, to me, seemed like real wisdom.

Right about now is when the obligatory dig at the Neo-GOP is inserted, perhaps placed in an all too familiar list of failures, maybe with a concluding and slightly gleeful observation that at least they’re systematically destroying themselves. But that conclusion is little consolation. A once decent mainstream political party has been hijacked by a small band of fringe kooks, incompetent crooks, and predatory clerics. This cabal of mendacity has ripped off the poor, the sick, the middle class, and even the unborn to give to the super rich. They have left a trail of broken lives, broken dreams, abandoned neighborhoods, maimed bodies, and corpses from Baghdad to the Gulf Coast. In the process they have driven that party over a cliff with the entire nation in tow. We will all be stuck cleaning up the wreckage left in their wake long after this ugly chapter in American history has drawn to an official close. That’s nothing to celebrate.

In other words, stop high-fiving and get to work, folks.

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