Concerning Watched Pots

They say a watched pot never boils.  As a homebrewer, I can tell you this isn’t true.  I can confirm that even a very large pot holding over two gallons of water will boil in thirty minutes or less, even if I watch it.  Maybe they ought to say “a pot of water will boil eventually, even if you watch it, though it may seem to be taking a long time if you stand there watching it, Mr. Impatient.”  That doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?

I’ve spent the last several days thinking that Mrs. JoseMonkey is going to go into labor at any moment.  I realize that it probably won’t be quite that sudden – statistics show that first-time moms usually don’t give birth that rapidly – but I can’t help but feel as if I need to be on the lookout for contractions, no matter how small.

The reality is that the baby’s going to come whether I’m waiting for it or not, just like the pot of water.  But if you truly think that I can make the time go faster simply by “not thinking about it” then clearly you’ve never been in this position.  There’s no “not thinking about it.”  Period. 

I’ll be watching the pot.  Stay tuned.

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