What’s this new face you’re making?

There might be some contractions happening.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE: It’s 5:50pm.  The contractions have been going on for over 12 hours now.  For most of the morning, they were rather mild, according to my wife.  They started getting a little worse around 3pm, so we went in to see our midwife to assess the progress, mostly just so we’d have some baseline to compare against later.  The status, by the numbers: 1 cm dilated, 95% effaced, and the baby is in descent station 0.  Translation, courtesy of the midwife: “Your cervix is very happy and your baby is in great position.”  Frankly, I’m glad the cervix is happy, but I can’t imagine what a cranky one would be doing at this point. 

Since the happy cervix has some dilating to do, and since she wasn’t in active labor just yet, they sent us home.

Mrs. JoseMonkey had some pretty significant contractions at around 5:15pm, giving me a preview of that helpless feeling I’ll get to experience through the duration of the “real” labor.  

I’m guessing this baby is coming out tonight or early tomorrow. 

I won’t be live blogging the labor itself, so you’ll have to wait to find out what happened. 

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