Hey FedEx Driver, Knock it Off

FedEx is on my shit list.  Specifically, the driver that delivers packages to my home.  Every single time that the FedEx person delivers something to my house, they litter on my property. 

You know those door tags that they stick to your door or window?  You know, the ones that never come off and leave you with a sticky mess to scrape off of the glass?  Well, in order to affix the tag, the driver needs to remove the paper backing from the adhesive portion.  Every fucking time the driver does this, they then throw the damn paper on the ground.  Can’t they take this thing back to the truck and throw it away?  WTF.

I just emailed FedEx Customer Service about it.  I’m not sure whether they’ll do anything, though.  If I catch that FedEx motherfucker doing it again, I’m going to lose my shit.

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