Cheap Glasses

A few months ago, I went to see a new eye doctor for the first time.  While I liked the doctor very much, the selection of frames in his office was fairly limited.  I went through a number of different frames trying to find something that fit well and looked nice.  I ended up settling for a pair that fit reasonably well, but the more I wore them, the more I realized that I didn’t like them very much.  Ok, they don’t fit that well, either.  I made a bad choice, what can I say?

I figured I was probably stuck for another two years, when my insurance will pay for another set of frames and lenses.  Then I discovered that you can get perfectly good (and stylish) glasses online for much less than you pay at the doctor’s office.  After reading this article on 43 folders, I took a chance and bought a pair of glasses from Zenni Optical for the ridiculously low price of $12.95 (plus shipping).  

I received my glasses this week, and I couldn’t be happier.  In fact, I’m thinking about ordering a pair of prescription sunglasses, something I had previously avoided because it seemed prohibitively expensive.

So, if you’re interested, I’d recommend you go read the article first, then go check out the selection on these sites:

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