Coffee Conspiracy: Part Two

If you recall, a few weeks ago I got a little agitated at Green Mountain Coffee for some possible shenanigans related to my recurring Café Express order.  Well, at the time, I was sure to note down the date of my next shipment, to ensure that I could log in before it shipped.  I didn’t really need to change anything urgently; rather, I just wanted to assure myself that they weren’t messing with me and changing the dates.

Well, when I last checked, it said my order would ship on 12/20.  So, I marked it on my Google Calendar and set a reminder.  I received my reminder email today (12/17), so I went and logged in to Green Mountain’s site.

Guess what?

No, my order has not shipped.  However, it reported my current order status as follows:

Note: Your current shipment is being prepared for delivery as of 12/10/2007.

So, my order hasn’t been shipped yet, but it’s been “being prepared” since last Monday.  Here’s the kicker: there’s no way to alter an order that’s “being prepared.”  I can only edit my next order, which is set to ship on 1/10.

Still think I’m crazy?

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