Limited Options

One of the most interesting points anyone has made in this campaign was made by someone who asked this question in tonight’s Democratic debate:

“I’m 38 and I’ve never had an election where one of the choices hasn’t been either a Bush or a Clinton.  How is it change if those two families keep appearing on the ballot.” 

There hasn’t been an election without a Bush or a Clinton on the ballot since 1984.  Eighty fucking four.  Of the eight presidential elections that have occurred in my lifetime so far, the last five have had one of these two privileged families involved.  In fact, a Bush or a Clinton has won in each of these elections.  (Of course, in ’92 that was a given since it was Bush v. Clinton; one of them had to win.)

Don’t get me wrong: I voted for Bill Clinton, and I’m proud of it.  He was a terrific president.  But it’s a little hard to accept the notion that we’re a truly democratic nation when it seems that two rival, elite families have been running the country for over two decades.

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