Scoreboard, Baby.

When I was growing up, I played football.  Our team had some great seasons, often making it to the playoffs.  Inevitably, there would be times when our team would open up a big lead in a game, much to our opponents’ frustration.  It seems like there was always at least one guy on the other team who, once it became clear that we would win, would resort to taunting and fighting with our team.

Our coaches always encouraged us to take the high road; “Ignore them,” he’d say.  He didn’t want our team to be involved in the kind of unsportsmanlike conduct that could diminish our victory.  “If you have to do something,” he told us, “just point over there.”  As he did this, he pointed to the stadium’s scoreboard.  “Point over there and say, ‘Scoreboard, baby.'”

The “scoreboard” line was great for a number of reasons.  Not only did it provide our team a way to respond without sinking to our opponents’ level, it really pissed them off because there’s no arguing with it.  The scoreboard doesn’t lie.  Needless to say, the simple retort was a team favorite.

Last night, Hillary Clinton won both the Ohio and Texas primaries.  This modest success can be attributed, at least in part, to the reprehensible way that she’s run her campaign in the past week or so.  Negative attacks, fear mongering, and the art of “working the refs” seem to be the key plays in her playbook lately.  The delegate counts are still being tallied, but it looks as if Hillary will emerge with a slim lead on the night.

Here’s the thing.  Obama started the night with a 159 pledged delegate lead.  The best Hillary can hope for is to shave about one to three delegates off of that.  In fact, Hillary would need to win all of the remaining contests by substantial (read: unrealistic) margins to close Obama’s lead.

This one’s over, but she just hasn’t figured it out yet.

Scoreboard, baby.

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