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Unplanned Outage experienced an unplanned outage for a few hours this afternoon when The Bean discovered the button on the front of the server under Daddy’s desk.  Sorry about that.

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Smart Bean

When I became a parent, I told myself that I’d never let myself become one of those deluded parents who thinks their baby is a freakin’ genius.  You know the ones — the parents who proclaim that every one of their baby’s actions, not matter how insignificant or coincidental, is a sure sign that their child is the smartest baby ever.

Now, I love the Bean.  A lot.  But I try really hard not to let my adoration interfere with my ability to objectively evaluate her cognitive development.  In fact, sometimes I worry (because I worry about everything) that I hyper-correct this behavior and fail to recognize her actual achievements, chalking them up as coincidences.  I hear myself saying things like, “Come on, she couldn’t possibly have learned that that fast, right?”

Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor with Mrs. JoseMonkey and the Bean, and the Bean was pointing out the Sesame Street characters on a piece of wrapping paper left over from her birthday party.  (Photos coming soon.)  The Bean loves to point at things, and we dutifully respond by telling her what she’s pointing at.  (Mrs. JoseMonkey does this all day long; she’s a trooper.)  Anyway, I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to do this up until yesterday, but I realized that it might make sense to ask the Bean to find each character on the paper.

So, I asked, “Where’s Elmo?”  The Bean thought for a moment, then pointed at Elmo and smiled.  (She loves Elmo.)

I tried again.  “Where’s Big Bird?”

Think think think.  Point.

“Yeah!  Where’s Ernie?”


“Woo-hoo!  Where’s Abby?”

Think think think.  Point.  Smile.

She even got Bert, whom I figured she’d miss since 1) he’s not one of her favorites and 2) he was only on one corner of the paper, sort of upside-down.  But she found him anyway.

Now, Mrs. JoseMonkey goes through these character names with her frequently, and the Bean watches lots of Sesame Street, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that she is able to do that.  But I was floored.

Later that same night, I was giving the Bean a bath.  We broke out some new bath toys for her, a set of eight little animal “squirties” that she got for her birthday.  When I lined them up on the edge of the tub, she immediately went into the pointing routine, wanting to know what each one was.

We went through the animals twice, naming each one.  On a whim, I quizzed her:

“Bean, where’s the sheep?”

Think think think.  Point.

“That’s right!  Where’s the piggy?”

Think think think.  Point.

You get the idea.  She was able to identify them after hearing their names just twice?!  And she’d never seen these toys before!

Delusions, my ass.  I think we’re dealing with an above average IQ here.  W00T!  SMARTEST BABY EVAH!

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