How Barbie Ruined Christmas

On Christmas morning, there will be sadness. This sadness will be because of the Barbie Dream House. More specifically, it will be because of the absence of said dream house in our present pile on Christmas morning.

The Bean has been asking for the Barbie Dream House for Xmas for quite some time.  In case you have managed to escape the advertisements for this monstrosity, allow me to initiate you:

So, ignoring the obvious reasons for hating this toy, here are my specific objections to getting this thing for the Bean for Xmas this year:

1. She has Barbies and other dolls, and she doesn’t play with them.

Seriously, this girl has all sorts of Disney Princess dolls and other Barbies that have been collecting dust in a drawer for months.  She NEVER plays with them.  I have no reason to believe this thing will change that.

2. The Barbie Dreamhouse is an overpriced piece of junk.

I actually entertained the idea of buying her this thing for about three minutes… until I read the horrible reviews.  Apparently, the elevator that they talk up so much in the commercial is a piece of crap that never works. Also, it’s difficult to assemble.  And it breaks easily.  The complaints go on and on.  Seems like it’s not exactly the best use of our Xmas funds.

3. Did I mention it’s overpriced?

Thanks to the usual and totally planned supply shortage combined with opportunistic Xmas price gouging, you can’t actually buy this thing anywhere for less than about $400.  I’m not kidding.

4. The Ghost of Christmas Past won’t let me forget the Fijit.

Eff you, Serafina.

Eff you, Serafina.

The Bean begged and begged for this ridiculous toy back in 2011.  So we got it for her.  This was no small feat, I might add; it was hard to find and I visited several stores before I found the one she wanted.

Fast forward to Xmas day.  The Bean was very excited about the Fijit… for about ten seconds.

Can you spot the unceremoniously discarded Fijit in this mess?

Can you spot the unceremoniously discarded Fijit in this mess?

So, my gut is telling me that the Barbie Dreamhouse isn’t going to be a smart purchase, no matter what the Bean is saying now.

Unfortunately, none of that will matter on Xmas morning.  We better get ready for the wailing and gnashing of teeth now.  Wish us luck.  😦

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