The Daddy Prerogative

The Daddy Prerogative is the right of fathers everywhere to do impractical, immature, or even crude things for the sole purpose of being goofy with their children.

These activities include, but are not limited to

  • wrestling with the kids
  • tossing small children in arguably unsafe ways
  • making fart jokes
  • actually farting / belching (both loudly)
  • pretending to not understand simple concepts (e.g., “I put these socks on my ears, right?”)
  • winding the kids up before bed
  • car goofiness (e.g., going over a hill quickly, doing doughnuts in snow)

These stunts have been the domain of daddies for years beyond counting. They often are met with eye rolling and other disapproving looks from Sensible Mommies.  It’s not really fair to the Sensible Mommies that we, as daddies, get to invoke this privilege…. but hey, I didn’t make the rules.  🙂

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